Walk on glass floors

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Walk on glass floors

Our walk on glass floors are an excellent way of introducing natural light to dark and basement areas of your property whilst maintaining the usable floor space. We offer a range of internal and external walk on glazing and rooflights, all of which can be designed to sit flush with the surrounding floor finishes.

With our external structural walk on glass we can supply a number of finishes to the glass to help prevent slipping due to water build up. Options vary from simple sandblasting of the glass through to an anti slip enamel which is painted and baked into the top surface of the glass.

Two standard walk on glass floor lightsStructural glass bridge with balustrade

All of our glass floors, including fixing and support details, are designed specifically for the building they are being installed in however, as a minimum, our walk on glass units are supplied as three layers of 10mm laminated safety glass.

With structural floor glazing from Vitrelum the possibilities limitless. Our design team have worked on everything from walk on rooflights through to glass bridges and floating glass floors, they will work with you to to create your perfect product. Just fill in the form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can, alternatively you can email or call 0330 043 2628.

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