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Walk on rooflights

Internal and external walk on skylights, rooflights and floorlights

Walk on skylights

Our walk on glass rooflights are a perfect way of introducing natural light into ground floor areas of your property. Our internal glass floorlights and external walk on rooflights can both be installed to sit flush with the surrounding floor finishes.

Walk on glass skylights are commonly installed into outdoor terrace areas and Vitrelum offer a range of anti slip finishes to increase the slip resistance of our walk on glazing. If your walk on rooflight is to be installed externally and subject to regular foot traffic, this is an option to consider.

Large internal walk on floorlightExternal walk on rooflight in two glass panes

The entire range of walk on skylights and floorlights we offer are designed so that no framework is visible from below. Use our walk on rooflights to create that instant wow factor and create a feature of water, artwork or architecture hidden below.

We're also specialists in bespoke walk on glass floor solutions so whatever your requirement Vitrelum can help wih your project.

To discuss your requirements further or to get a quote please contact us. Just fill in the form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can, alternatively you can email or call 0330 043 2628.

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